This is the MOST important meeting that you should have: Sunday Meeting

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This is the MOST important meeting that you should have: Sunday Meeting

The weekend is great for relaxation and rest. But, it’s also a great way to plan the family activities. We spend most of our time in weekly meetings for projects at work, but we forget how to manage our free time. So, here’s a solution: a family Sunday “board meeting”.

If we exclude 8-9 hours per day, 7-8 hours for sleep and 1-2 hours for transport from home to work and back, we are left with at least 5 hours per day for family activities. If we add at least 16 hours on Saturdays and another 16 for Sunday, we are left with more than 50 hours per week, which mean more than 200 hours per month for family activities. Professional projects are usually managed through meetings, with following the hours per projects and by planning the deadlines and tasks. But, we don’t do this with our free time. I’m not talking about strict rules for the free time, but the need to adapt some efficient techniques from work, for our free time.

Most of the cases, what we plan gets done. We plan our weekends for activities that don’t need to be notated in our list like shopping, cooking, cleaning or going out with friends. But, if it happened to you to say “the time has passed so quickly and I didn’t have time this week for relaxation or for my hobby”, then the idea of this article might help you!

More and more CEOs or top entrepreneurs use the methods they learned at work for managing the family time & activities. The Sunday “board meeting” is one of the points in which they plan what’s ahead and set the calendar for the week. It doesn’t matter if the meeting is after morning coffee, lunch or after the family dinner. The purpose is to find a positive impact.

What should an efficient meeting have? Rob D. Kelly designed the GAP model: goal, agenda & preparation. More details here.

How can you translate this model for a Sunday meeting?

1.Goal: set from the beginning the purpose of the meeting

All the members of the family should see the benefits of a discussion related to planning the next week. You should explain the reasons why this is useful.

2. Agenda

The importance of a meeting in a company cannot be transferred here, but you could set a general agenda that you always keep, like:

-discussing the next week’s activities
-parents participation to kids’ activities: school, extra-curricular
-family trips
-ideas for holidays or weekend trips

3. Preparation

The final success of a meeting is that each of the participants prepares. Even the kids, which anyway are used with homework, should bring ideas.

The Sunday “board meeting” is also a great way to spend time with family and involve the little ones. They will get used to a productive way to look at the following week. When you will start the week, you will know which family activities you have, and you might even get to dinner on time or plan ahead the weekend trip.
If, usually, you just want a work meeting to end as soon as possible, maybe for a family meeting, relaxation will be the dominant state. In this way, maybe you’ll change your opinion on how meetings really help.

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