Plan your week in advance

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Plan your week in advance

Imagine it’s Monday morning and your walking to your job. You check your email and you see your inbox full. You really want to start your week by solving as many things as possible. Moreover, your energy is not at the highest level after a weekend with many family activities, and your motivation is quite low.

How do you think that the day will go? Most like you will switch from one task to another with any consistency in your activity. You will have to take many small decisions on what task you should work on, and most likely you will not work on those tasks related to your long-term goals.

My solutions plan your week in advance, starting from Sunday. 

This has several benefits:
– It offers you the chance to think about your long-term goals and the way you can accomplish some tasks related to them during the week;
– You can block your calendar in order to have the needed time for your activities. The alternative is an empty Calendar which will get full with others’ priorities;
– Makes you think about those intervals with the highest productivity, in order to schedule the most important tasks.
– You have more time on Monday morning to just start your tasks.

Of course, you can think of other benefits.

Some practical steps to plan your week:

1. Analyze your personal, family, career and community goals, which you should have written for this year.
2. Starting from this, schedule activities related to the goals, and doable during the week ahead. Don’t forget to plan your free time, relaxing activities and all the commitments.
3. Plan your basic activities like “what to wear”, “what to eat” or how to reach the places for the meetings you have at least 1–2 days in advance.

Thus, you will start your day with a high degree of focus on your tasks.

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