Time & productivity

Since ancient times, people were interested in measuring time. From measuring time using the movement of the Sun, Moon or stars, to mechanical clocks or atomic ones that we find …

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Important or urgent? More productive through simple planning

Recently, I received a question on Quora on how can time management & productivity reduce stress. Stress is the result of multiple factors, but being stressed is in many situations …

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Multitasking? 3 advice for single-tasking

If while, you are reading this article, you have several tabs open in your browser, you opened Facebook, or you are thinking to send an email or to call someone, …

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Calendar & planning

A calendar (whether a Google Calendar, Outlook or phone calendar), can save precious time. Most often, this is regarded as a business instrument and less useful for personal or family …

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5 tips to reach inbox zero

In this article, I will present you some tips that I use, which simplified the way I interacted with emails. I share with you this article when the week-end is near, and …

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4 apps to increase productivity

When we think of productivity, most of the time, we focus on the time spent on accomplishing a new task. In this article I will present you 4 apps which …

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5 Planning Lessons I learned from training for my first half-marathon

We want to accomplish as many things as possible, so getting involved in different projects seems inevitable. Whether there are personal projects, professional, for the community or with the family, …

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