Podcast: On Procrastination

Recetly I was invited in Youniversity Podcast, developed by Brendan Liebeskind, where I talked about the essential cure for procrastination. Listen the podcast here.

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7 ways APPs can help you become more productive

Today’s technology helps us communicate easily, do more things and have access to information. In a recent article, I was talking about the advantages and disadvantages of social networks and …

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5 evening habits of world’s most successful people

The way in which you see productivity starts from combining several areas of your life, but also how you manage each day. In this article, I will show you 5 …

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4 ways to prioritize better

Starting from Stephen Covey’s quote: “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities”, here are 4 ways to prioritize better: 1.Choose carefully where …

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4 science-backed information about sleep and its effect on productivity

We can use the most efficient instruments for productivity, we can join whatever training to learn to be more productive, or read a lot of books. Everything is useless, if …

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Do you want to accomplish a goal? Here are 3 simple tricks, proven by science, to beat procrastination

At the beginning of each year, we think of our goals for the coming year. You can find an article on goals, with a template you can use, right here. …

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How to Be More Productive in 2016: Advice From 14 Experts

I was part of the interview for the article “How to Be More Productive in 2016: Advice From 14 Experts”. You can read the entire articlle here: http://www.selfication.com/be-more-productive/

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Do you need a Goal List for 2016?

Have you asked yourself, why is it important to have a Goal List with clear actions and results to be obtained? Recently, a friend told me that he wanted to …

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What is the morning routine of successful people?

The most successful people are known for their high level of productivity. Their ability to manage people, situations and take quick decisions, begins immediately after they wake-up through an excellent …

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4 strategic steps to productivity

When we want to be more productive, we don’t see the big picture and no matter how quickly we apply the productivity tools by reading articles, viewing videos or listening …

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