Besides my research activity, through which a participated to several scientific conferences, I participated to workshops& training in productivity. Below are some details.

Productivity Hour “Focus” – season 2, 2nd edition – 24th of October 2016 – Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

CEE Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 – Bucharest.

Together with the other speakers from the panel “Redesigning work processes for productivity increase”.

Productivity Hour – season 2, 1st edition “Work & Relax” – Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

How to be a productive teacher – 25th of May 2016 –  Organised by Bugetarii Veseli Association, Bucharest

Productivity Tips & Trics – 24th of May 2016 –  organised by Bridging The Gap at M60, Bucharest

From individual productivity to organisational performance – 6th of May 2016 – HUB 1317, Brasov, Romania.

Productivity Hour – Stop procrastinating – 11th of April 2016 – Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

Productivity Hour: Morning habits – 4th of April 2016 – Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

From individual productivity to organisational performance: 30th of March  2016 – EAM – ASE Bucharest

Productivity Hour: Activities planning – 28th of March 2016 -Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest 

Productivity Hour: Attention and focus – 14th of March 2016 – Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

Workshop “10 steps to higher productivity” – 29th of February 2016 –Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor – Quantum Business School 2013 – Bucharest. speech “Organize. Analyze. Create value”

entrepreneur x factor