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Productivity Hour – Ingredients for productivity – English Speakers Special Edition – Seneca Anticafe – October 23, 2017 – 19:00

During 1 hour we will talk about how we can boost our productivity by managing our time, attention and energy.

To register send me an email at, by stating your name, job title, age and expectation from this event.

The attendance is subject to the standard fee at Seneca. At Seneca 1 hour is 8 lei. Seneca is a place designed both for work and relaxation. You feel like home. Here you can work on your project, study for exams, hang out and chat with friends or read, participate in a workshop or put up one. We have special spaces for each one of these activities.

Ingredients for productivity










Besides my research activity, through which a participated to several scientific conferences, I participated to workshops& training in productivity. Below are some details.

Productivity Hour “Focus” – season 2, 2nd edition – 24th of October 2016 – Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

CEE Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 – Bucharest.

Together with the other speakers from the panel “Redesigning work processes for productivity increase”.

Productivity Hour – season 2, 1st edition “Work & Relax” – Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

How to be a productive teacher – 25th of May 2016 –  Organised by Bugetarii Veseli Association, Bucharest

Productivity Tips & Trics – 24th of May 2016 –  organised by Bridging The Gap at M60, Bucharest

From individual productivity to organisational performance – 6th of May 2016 – HUB 1317, Brasov, Romania.

Productivity Hour – Stop procrastinating – 11th of April 2016 – Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

Productivity Hour: Morning habits – 4th of April 2016 – Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

From individual productivity to organisational performance: 30th of March  2016 – EAM – ASE Bucharest

Productivity Hour: Activities planning – 28th of March 2016 -Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest 

Productivity Hour: Attention and focus – 14th of March 2016 – Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

Workshop “10 steps to higher productivity” – 29th of February 2016 –Seneca Anticafe, Bucharest

Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor – Quantum Business School 2013 – Bucharest. speech “Organize. Analyze. Create value”

entrepreneur x factor