Do you need a Goal List for 2016?


Do you need a Goal List for 2016?

Have you asked yourself, why is it important to have a Goal List with clear actions and results to be obtained?
Recently, a friend told me that he wanted to learn to play guitar since always, as he already has one. After I told him that he could start step by step, for instance with 5–10 minutes a day viewing online videos/guitar lessons, his answer was “I will try”. When you say “I will try” you place in front of you the possibility that the goal will not be accomplished. Why? Because there isn’t any sense of urgency in reaching that goal and probably you don’t have a clear goal list with actions and results.

Philosopher and novelist Umberto Eco is fascinated by lists and impact on humanity. He said in an interview that “the list represents the origin of culture. It is part of history of art and literature. And what does culture want? To make the infinite understandable. And how can mankind understand the infinite? Through lists. When we express ourselves, we use lists.” We like creating lists with what we saw in our holiday, places we visited and activities that we want to accomplish.

Benjamin Franklin was famous for how he planned his activities and the way he checked his accomplishments during the day. He is one of the fathers of the “to-do list”, being a person who followed a daily routine, which included enough sleep, meals, and work, all of them planned properly in his list.

If we think of a goal list there are 4 steps that we should consider:
– splitting the projects in small steps of daily action
– prioritization of activities on categories
– planning
– be realistic on your planning.

If we are thinking of a simple list, the most used item that we could image is the shopping list, or maybe a Christmas gifts list.

Having a shopping list, means first of all, that at a certain moment you have an idea about what to buy at another moment in time. Let’s say that you found out that you don’t have any toothpaste anymore. You will put a note in your list to buy it and when you will go shopping, looking at your list, you will find that item. The result: you bought the toothpaste.

So, there are 2 main moments (as you can see below):

Moment 1: Identifying the need that has as a result creating the LIST

Moment 2: Opportunity for action — which has RESULTS.


Think now at moment 2! The final of the year will show you the results from the entire year. The same as thinking now, at the beginning of the year of what happened last year. Did you have the results that you wish? Or, think of what you are doing now. Is this moment part of a planning at a previous moment, when you set your goals? Or, is it part of helping other achieve their goals?
Whatever the analysis that you are doing, what thing is certain. Now, this moment, can be MOMENT 1.

Did you create your goal list for 2016?

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