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Costin Ciora is a Productivity Consultant and Assistant Professor at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Department of Financial Analysis and Valuation. He is the author of „Performance analysis through value creation” and co-author of research articles on financial analysis. He was a guest professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

After more than 9 years of research (research at Dauphine University Paris, Alicante University and Vienna University of Economics and Business) and 7 years in entrepreneurship, Costin focuses now on studying productivity, because the level of productivity of employees determines the performance of organizations. Costin writes articles on productivity on his blog and on Revista Cariere. He is a Digital Certified Coach and through his programs and events, contributes on identifying the patterns that lead to productivity decrease, in order to find solution for improvement.

In 2009 he launched Bucharest Speakers Bureau – the first speakers bureau in Romania. He is involved in volunteering projects like MagiCAMP and Friends4Education.

For more details about the research activity of Costin, click here.

In march 2017, he was included in the list of “Top Writers in Productivity” by Medium.com. For articles on Medium, click here.

Services: Productive 30, Productive Hour, The Productivity Club.

I speak on the following topics:

Team productivity
Strategy and performance analysis

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Costin recently enlightened and entertained my whole sales team in demystifying what personal productivity really means and how we can really be in control each day through simple methods and constant reflection on how we do things. He really inspired us to feel more confident and optimistic about creating a better work/life balance and becoming more successful. Thank you Costin, it was an enjoyable and very stimulating session for the team!
Colin Lovering - Commercial Director of COS Romania & Chairman, British Romanian Chamber of Commerce
First of all, you must know what you want to do with your life and why. This thing is essential. Then, you must take a sheet of paper and write all your actions for today. Which is the task that might lead you to your goal? You should stay focused at least 80% of the time on that task. Although, I knew all these things before, Costin helped me be more aware. Only then, I applied what I knew and I increased my productivity. Thanks, Costin.
I truly believe in what I noticed a long time ago, you can spot passionate people in a second. This is what I felt when Costin’s workshop started. This was rather an experience, than a training. Why? Because, for sure there is somewhere a dictionary where the word productivity, is somehow, equal with Costin.

The experience was that the workshop was on things that where tested & analyzed by the trainer, not by some scientists in another country with limited information about the current context. I really liked that the information was personal, real, and all participants related to them. As I said, you can spot easily a passionate man, and Costin is the person that really believes in what he is doing, improves himself, sees the real benefits on all aspects of his life and he has greater results. Congratulation!

Cristina Dogaru - co-founder Asociatia Bugetarii Veseli
Besides the work instruments, Costin gives you energy to really start the work. After the two hours of his workshop, I felt the need to start doing the improvements and I had a really productive day.
Mircea Stefan Racoviceanu - Project Manager - Bridging The Gap
The Productivity Club, the program developed by Costin is useful for setting the priorities and gives you energy to reach your goals. You must try it!
Mihai Caploiu - Internal Auditor
The Productivity Club helped me structure my priorities and distribute my work easily in my calendar. I really recommend it.
Iulian Monea - entrepreneur
I always read your opinions… the last one remained several days in my mind…very clear and concise.
Flavius, economist
Thanks for the article. It’s a pleasure to start your day in a productive way with a small reminder that you must start now!”