7 ways APPs can help you become more productive


7 ways APPs can help you become more productive

Today’s technology helps us communicate easily, do more things and have access to information. In a recent article, I was talking about the advantages and disadvantages of social networks and the impact on simple things, like meeting with friends. Sometimes, all the devices are just an obstacle on our potential for higher productivity.

Here are 7 ways apps can help you increase your productivity:

1. Communication – today, we communicate easier thanks to different apps & social networks. As the complexity of the projects increases, more apps can help you finish your projects and tasks on time. A good example is Slack.

2. To-Do lists – people were always interested in creating lists. A goal can be accomplished when it’s divided into small tasks. Thus, we can use apps that help us organize our tasks & projects through priorities, recurring tasks or different ways of filtering. I use Todoist.

3. Time & meetings management – you can use your agenda, but you might find Google Calendar better, with more complex features for managing your time and planning different meetings.

4. Saving web resources – you might find daily useful articles to read and you might save them in .txt file. A better alternative could be using an app like Evernote Web Clipper or Instapaper, in which you can easily organize the resources in categories, and saving them is just one click away.

5. Tracking your time– if you want to be productive, you really need to know where your time goes. You can use apps that track your activities like Toggl or Rescue Time, which come with browser extensions.

6. Focus and habit forming – because we have a lot of things in our focus, staying concentrated is a great challenge. Moreover, habit forming is difficult because of lack of time & attention. You could use apps like Coach.me or Rewire to form those habits that will help you in the long run.

7. Fitness & health – you might see a lot of people jogging. A fitness app like RunKeeper could be the starting point in increasing your overall energy in order to be more productive. By using the performance measurements that they provide you could have more momentum to reach your goals.

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