4 apps to increase productivity


4 apps to increase productivity

When we think of productivity, most of the time, we focus on the time spent on accomplishing a new task.

In this article I will present you 4 apps which could increase your productivity level (available on your desktop/laptop but also as mobile apps).








Did you use post-its to plan certain activities? Trello works on a similar  way, having teams, boards, lists and cards. If you have multiple projects, you can organize them, Trello offering diferent features like: checklists, schedule tasks or uploading an attachment.

The app has a free version. More details here: https://trello.com/

2. Instapaper



Instapaper is an app that you can use to save articles to read them later. As, in most of the time, we have many useful things that we could read, sometimes a particular article could distract our attention. Saving it to Instapaper through a single click (it has a browser extension) you can keep your favorite articles and organize them on folders. Moreover, you can read the article inside Instapaper (not it the original website), through a minimalist view, eliminating possible other distraction (like advertisements or pop-ups).

The app is free to use on https://www.instapaper.com

3. Unroll.me


Did you register to a lot of newsletters? Maybe you considered them useful at that time, but now, your inbox is full and you don’t have time to read them all. Unroll.me is an app which will scan you email address to check all the subscriptions that you’ve made. After the scan is over, it will tell you the number and type of subscriptions. After this, you have 3 options for each of them: to keep the newsletter and receive it in your inbox, unsubscribing and the most interesting feature “Adding to a Rollup”. If the first 2 features are not something news, adding the newsletter to a rollup will mean that you can group the emails and receive all of them in a daily digest, once a day (and you can choose if you want it in the morning, afternoon or evening).

More detail on https://unroll.me

4. Focus@will


Focus@will is an app developed through a partnership with top neuroscience researchers Dr. Evian Gordon, Dr. Stephen Sideroff (UCLA Professor of Psychology) and ADHD expert and author Dr Ned Hallowell. The app uses music for focused concentration. with more than 10 music styles, the app allows increasing or decresing the tempo and using the right music (according to the research of the three neuroscientists) for maximum productivity.

The app has a free trial of 15 days. Details at https://www.focusatwill.com

There are many tools that you could use. the best thing that you could do is to test as many of them as see which is the righ for you.

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  • Robert
    28/01/2016 at 15:37 Reply

    Salut, merci pentru articol. Am inceput sa folosesc Unroll.Me, e minunat. Pot sa-ti sugerez sa incerci https://start.me pentru widget-uri si RSS feed-uri si LastPass pentru parole.

    • Costin Ciora
      28/01/2016 at 15:45 Reply

      Salut Robert!
      Ma bucur ca ti se pare util Unroll.me.
      Am sa incerc cele 2 aplicatii propuse de tine si eventual pe viitor revin si cu un review ca cel pentru Unroll.me sau Trello.
      Momentan folosesc pentru New Start Tab, extensia de Chrome – Momentum pentru design-ul minimalist, citat si focus pe 1 major task!

      Iti doresc sa ai o zi productiva!


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